Portable Housing

for international markets

General Coach Canada
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Units are custom designed and preassembled to fit within an ocean container, making international shipping simple. Our patent pending method to move units in and out of containers makes it easy to do without heavy machinery.

prefabricated buildings
and temporary lodging for the portable housing market

The International division of General Coach Canada is focused on building products for hotel resorts, vacation rentals, transitional housing, aboriginal housing, as well as military camps and EPC workforce accommodations.


General Coach has over 60 years experience as a Canadian manufacturer in the Recreational Vehicles Industry. Our expertise in the park model, park trailer, cabin, and mobile home markets has provided a superior foundation for the launch of our container products – preassembled and shipped in finished form.


General Coach serves the marketplace from our manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada, where our commitment to quality and our philosophy of putting the customer first has lead to our continuous growth and increased commercial value.


General Coach features:

  • Better quality materials - durable, safe, stylish
  • Better design process - customizable floor plans, modular layouts
  • Better shipping methods - container shipping in finished form
  • Better setup process - units are preassembled for quick operation
  • Better partner - fast, flexible, and family owned  

Resort Lodging

Resort products are equipped with all the amenities of the finer life, making them ideal for Vacation Homes. The consistency and modular nature also make them ideal for hotel Developments and Cottage Rentals.

Temporary Housing

Our units can be shipped anywhere in the world making them a great solution for short term Workforce Accommodations or Military Camps that are often in remote locations. Their quick and easy setup makes them ideal for Disaster-Recovery as well.

Affordable Housing

The cost effective nature of our units make them ideal for Humanitarian Developments and the high quality and stylish comfort of our units means they are not a compromise for developments like Aboriginal Housing.

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